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Excavating an organic space for celebration amidst the concrete blocks makes a social statement towards the community.

Typology Residential

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Rex Ronaldo

Area 3,200 sq.ft

Status Construction

Designed with the intention of breaking the monotony, the form grows vertical as a response to the dense setting. The design holds a solid base capped by an explorative crack that opens up to the context, followed by a porous façade for privacy and views.

The spaces flowing vertically are designed keeping in mind their communal values - intimate spaces more ordered & celebrative spaces more organic. The minimal & compact planning of spaces merges the furniture with the built. This blurs the transition between spaces, creating a sense of togetherness. In this compact design, landscape plays a vital role in diluting the dialogue between the building and the ground/ the sky/ the void.

The vertical you grow, the privacy grows.

The popup window becomes a portal for interaction, adding a strong character to the façade.


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