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An artist retreat that fosters a sense of community and celebrates solitude through a courtyard

Typology Residential

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Sowmya Sattanathan

Area 7500 sq.ft

Status Construction

The design intent was to create an introverted courtyard for congregation as the artist retreat is set in a serene context. This brings people together as a community while keeping their privacy intact. A strong visual linear axis infused with the fluidic circulation creates the journey for one within the space.

The central spine is divided into three courts. The entrance court which is more public, the performance court which is a space for culmination and celebration and the court of theatre as a destination which is private and accommodates larger gatherings. Moving through these courts offers a glimpse into the other spaces which peak the curiosity of the user to discover and meander. The reception opens up to the swimming pool, the pathway to rooms and the entrance. Therefore the reception acts as an anchor point within the community that brings people together as well as serving as a transition space.

A retreat is a space that can influence one’s mood in delightful ways, calming their mind and changing perspectives in life. It enhances these experiences by allowing the user to connect with elements of nature in distinctive ways, stirring up curiosity to explore each of these spaces.

Each room within the built fabric engages and enhances one particular element of nature such as - light, water, earth, landscape and sky.


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