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COASTAL HUT, chennai

 An extroverted form to enjoy the ocean and an introverted shell to enhance the privacy.

Typology Hospitality

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Avantika Barani

Area 2,200 sq.ft

Status Un-built

The form is split between three dialogues- the base, the roof and the exchange between them. At the base, the pool stitches the built and unbuilt providing a private yet congregative space. At the next level, the form opens up to the ocean creating a distinct dialogue between the volume and the context. The vertical dialogue created between the pool from the lower level and the thatch covering the upper level .

The cylindrical jaali wall at the ground level prominently defines the courtyard for congregation. The cantilevered balcony hanging above the courtyard confines the court for comfort.

The water, the thatch and everything in between

The pool defines the boundary between solid and void.


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