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CAVERN, chennai

Excavating a cave out of a monolithic concrete block forms a strong spatial essence.

Typology Residential

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Rex Ronaldo, Guru Vikhnesh

Area 6,000 sq.ft

Status Construction

A densely packed built up area amidst a busy context needed a strong internal character to define each space. the design intent was to introduce a cave penetrating into every space to divide, to stitch, to guide and to anchor.

The vertical volume is broken into two halves by the cavern to embrace the height, which allows the building to swallow light between the cave into each space. Every activity is rendered with the organic flow of light and ordered spatial organization.

The building romanticizes wood at every level between the cavern to weave these organically sculpted volumes

the divine light- the god rays- the solitude


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