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Growing out of the ground, the building blocks mark their strong identity: each complimenting the other by reflecting volumes in an ordered arrangement.

Typology Recreational

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Sowmyaa Sattanathan, Rex Ronaldo

Area 55,000 sq.ft

Status Construction

Relatable and reflecting the user scale at one end, the blocks exhibit duality by scaling up to a massive volume at the other end, holding the Aura of the activities. To cater the versatile functions of the typology, planning of the spaces are kept simple and ordered, enhancing the clarity of design.

The layered slopes create drama in the skyline while capturing the focus of the audience to the center. The repetition of volumes in linear arrangement forms a vanishing vista. Aspiring to create an indirect glow, the skin of the building is formed by repetitive and ordered overlaps of planes, allowing a slit of light to break the monotony and render the large volume aesthetically.

Whilst aiding liberal transitions, the alley ways also add a sense of definition to the volumes. The users experience altering scales of the forms down the alley, portraying the traits of a valley.

The skin is rendered by light through the fins.


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