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DOG RETREAT, aanaikatti

A farm house amongst the mountains where humans and animals share a sense of belonging.

Typology Hospitality

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Varshini Jaichandran

Area 4000 sq.ft

Status Design development

The design brief was to build a farm-house at Aanaikatti on a site surrounded by mountains. The primary user of the house wanted to create an unbiased environment between humans and animals. Therefore, the built fabric had to revolve around the dogs’ anthropometry as well as their behavioral patterns.

The intent was to create an open court to define a private boundary for the dogs, which allows them to explore the nature as well as experience the privacy. These floating masses dissect the courtyard into four and punctures the court walls to overlook into the views offered by the larger context. Therefore, the courtyard becomes a destination for the spaces adjacent to them. The hierarchy of spaces are brought in through the size and the proposed function on those respective courtyards. The entire built volume was kept at the ground level so that the user does not lose contact with the vast groundscape.

The vision was to craft an organized journey for humans through an ordered flow of spaces, but also overlaying organic routes within the house for the dogs to meander and feel a sense of belonging.


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