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Two houses unified by a roof that transforms into a theatre above for congregation

Typology Residential

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Menakshi Siva, Madhumita Rajendran

Area 5000 sq.ft

Status Unbuilt

The commission was to create two houses as one - a home with two pavilions, one for the client and his family, another for his parents. The nine grid planning allows the figure ground to establish a strong connect to the local context. All the public & private spaces are zoned out at the ground level, the first floor level is used as a performing space with attached dormitory rooms.

The roof takes the form of a stepped structure and focuses on the central roof which behaves as a stage. The two houses are separated by a sequence of light patios. The materiality of the house responds to the context of the Auroville community. Even though the two houses function independently, they are perceived as a single volume from the exterior. A dense organic garden around the house ties the building together.

We aspire for the design to inherit the fundamental values through the morphology of the society, where architecture becomes the mere reflection of these values.


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