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A house floats above a circular sunken court to connect with the sky and ocean

Typology Residential

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Menakshi Siva, Nitya RL, Madhumitha Rajendran

Area 9000 sq.ft

Status Design development

A refreshing design in a silent neighbourhood for a young couple allowed us to explore on versatile emotions and expressions through the form language. The design intent was to sink a circular courtyard into the ground by raising the ground level, in order to create an extreme privacy.

The semi-public spaces are floating within the circular courtyard by overlooking the swimming pool at the center of the court. The first floor houses the private intimate spaces, flushed by the built garden space on all four sides. Each bedroom is given a specific character through the form language. The master bedroom overlooks the beach, the other bedroom is flushed with greenery and the central bedroom is conceptualized as a bedroom floating within the spa. The bedrooms are defined by inner patios creating a form integrated with the landscape. Therefore every space achieves the maximum harvest of sunlight and ventilation without losing the privacy.


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