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MUTTRAM, devakotai

A house that celebrates rain through its eccentric approach of the courtyard.

Typology Residence

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Sowmyaa Sattanathan, Shafiyur Rahman

Area 5,700 sq.ft

Status Construction

Embracing the prevailing Chettinad background, the design intent was to draw out the cultural significance of the context while envisioning it to a contemporary setting. The court as the center of expression tails the layout, thus encouraging the architectural language to flow and further blend the façade as an integral part of the design.

The design expresses a strong axis. The court designed in a triple-height volume, allows the living space to float within it, creating a circumambulatory path anchoring the life of the building around it. The traditional idea of celebrating rain is embraced within the court through an eccentric approach. The dining space overlooking the court creates an everlasting illusion of extension through the strategic placement of emotive elements. The bridge over the courtyard helps attenuate the scale along the central axis. The coffer slab within the volume extends out to the façade and is further elaborated into intricate brackets that express the balance of culture and modern-day design.

The central axis of the structure establishes a balance that further enhances the distinctive composition of the volumes.

The enclosed bridge on the upper level allows for a symphonic transition through light play, accentuating the expanse of the spaces around.


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