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A floating volume amidst the landscape that overlooks the ocean.

Typology Residential

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Menakshi Siva, Nitya RL, Aarthi Shravan, Mohan, Huzefa

Area 8,000 sq.ft

Status Completed

The villa is located in a high end gated community in the ECR stretch. The house is divided into three volumes for a couple who enjoy having friends over for parties . The ground floor has a huge open space with living room, dining room, home theatre and a kitchen overlooking the swimming pool. Large sliding doors and window make it possible to hide or completely open the house at the users will.

The form is built by creating two rectangular volumes at ground and second floor level. A central core volume is stretched and cantilevered by 30’ overhang in the east-west orientation. The first floor houses the more intimate spaces, with large openings capturing scenic views around. The second floor has an en-suite bedroom with an open wardrobe unit, the bed overlooking an open-to-sky bath area.

The landscape along the edges of the site creates a private envelope where the built mass opens up into the insular environment.


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