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A monolithic mass with converging volumes that creates a dramatic spatial language for a domestic space.

Typology Residential

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Varshini Jaichandran, Amrutavarshini Ashokan

Area 4,000 sq.ft

Status Completed

The building expresses a minimalist poetry of spaces each capturing a unique emotion through the form and pattern language. Three rectangular volumes pivot around a cylindrical mass as a focus creating harmony through convergence.

The array of spaces takes you through towards the soul of the house, which is a double height cylindrical volume anchoring the formal gathering. This axis is further emphasized by the pooja space plugged into the cylindrical mass unfolding into an intimate divine destination. Encompassed by lush green landscape on all sides, the building form stands out as an independent element of attraction.

The use of strong geometric composition makes the building monolithic, where the transition spaces are neglected/shrunk in a way to create a strong spatial culture bound together within close proximity. Transition is felt through the proportions of the rooms.


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