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A clubhouse with a roofscape that creates a promenade from the ground to the terrace through different levels

Typology Hospitality

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Menakshi Siva, Nitya RL, Arun Manian

Area 6000 sq.ft

Status Unbuilt

The proposed clubhouse building is located at the center of densely built high rise structures, in which around 500 families residing within the community. The design intent was to accentuate the roof scape so that the balconies of these private dwelling units can visually engage with the activities within the clubhouse. Therefore the design process goes through a circumambulatory axis towards an infinite destination.

A perfect work, live & play module of 12sq.m square cuboid steps up sequentially within a larger square to create a sequential path growing towards the sky. The built volume creates a central court in order to act as an informal gathering space to engage with the versatile activities happening within the built environment such as sports, community hall, supermarket, clinic, games room, day care etc. This minimalistic volume allows the user to cherish the closed as well as the open spaces inside - out by expressing a joyful experience and celebration.

The roof space as an urban response is contrasting to the high rise structures around it which makes the terrace behave as a viewing deck to the community around.


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