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Evolve is a growing design firm with a strong conviction towards architecture & design since 2016. We are driven by a collaborative approach that is inclusive of distinct methodologies and mediums in our design process.

What we believe in

The essence of a project arises from understanding the user, typology, context and the morphology of our cultural system. An understanding of values to borrow from the past and redefine for the future shapes the vision of a project. The built form embodies these themes, rendering a timeless space.

Every space holds an emotion that relates to the activity in it. These emotions are sculpted by the form, proportions and the play of light in a space. A strong pattern language emerges out of these expressions forming the crux of the practice. To capture these atmospheres, the materials used are natural and age gracefully with time.

As we grow the building grows.


What we do

We believe in a space where the planning, architecture, interior, landscape and product design are developed from a singular vision to contribute to a holistic system. We aim for an incremental growth which is strengthened by our process and value system.


Our Saturday workshops are an attempt to experiment in and out of architecture and explore new design methodologies. It also encourages a work culture where ideas are generated through a collective effort. It also helps in knowledge sharing within the firm where the team feeds off on each other’s strengths creating an inclusive learning environment.

We focus on extracting the necessity of a project from the client and strengthen our understanding through research and analysis of the user, context and typology. The vision takes shape based on what the building wants to be rather than an imposed idea. This vision guides the narrative of the spatial journey which in turn reflects in the overall pattern language of the project. The pattern language behaves as a succinct medium which embodies our approach to space making.

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