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FOLK STREAM, chennai

Learning begins with self realization- a stream of communal backyards embracing education.

Typology Institutional

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Mano Aurea, Abirami Priyadharshini

Area 24,000 sq.ft

Status Construction


The unique typology (practical training center) insisted upon building a community.

The design merges three layers in the spatial organization- the functional corridor for transition insisting on order at the institution, a stream of backyards at the center incepting the idea of exploration, and the horizontal narration that talks about the unique story of each community.

Each volume explores the construction methodologies of brick arches to create an Indian skyline. The spaces open out across the formal corridor and the informal backyard to harvest the light and wind. The choices offered to the user in planning allows the students to draw their own path. Consciously embedding an informal space between the formal programs allows the classroom to extend out easily.

The buildings grow out of the ground with the texture of the sunburnt bricks- rendered by the sun

A series of vaults descending into the backyard


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