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KOODAM, tanjore

A retreat school that encourages a multilinear journey in and out of a forest

Typology Institutional

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Sanjana Ravindran

Client Blossom Public School

Area 14,000 sq.ft

Status Construction

The retreat school in Tanjore houses dorms, workshops,dining and playground spaces for the students to engage in learning away from the city. It also accommodates an auditorium which is predominantly public and a private guest house at the north east corner.

The design creates a forest on the site and excavates the built from the forest to emphasize the idea of retreating while learning. It celebrates the traditional street culture of village hamlets by introducing the same quality in the dorms through its planning and the humble thatch roof huts.

By aiming to create multilayered journeys through the site, the main axes connect the various activities within the site.

The vision was to create multiple seamless routes through the site moving from one activity to another to foster a sense of explorative learning.


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