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A school that celebrates explorative learning through an organic spine.

Typology Institutional

Team Ramanathan Ramasamy, Nitya RL, Varshini Jaichandran, Lakshmi Sekar

Area 35,000 sq.ft

Status Completed

The intent was to create a memorable experience for the kids by offering spaces to celebrate, to feel solitude, to explore, to collaborate and to engage in playful learning. The built footprint follows a curve that suggests a path through the site that connects to the park adjacent to the site. The response is an organic contour spine, which allows the kids to experience the joy akin to trekking through a mountain within the built environment. The spine inspires the students to experience the vertical landscape.

An adventurous exploration of levels, celebrating the collective through large gatherings, a fun filled experience in water and flexible spaces to explore contribute to the spine inspiring the students to experience the vertical landscape. The vision insists on a collaborative space which is seen through the materiality of the project. Every material used in the building has a unique character and texture which allows the kids to experience the space through all senses.

Every journey within the spine offers a unique experience which in turn is a reflection of the knowledge passed on by the space to the user.


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